The More You Read, The Better You Write

Career Graph / November 5, 2019
the more you read, the better you write

Writing tasks seems to be a big challenge for a lot of IELTS candidates. Unless you are so lucky that the subject falls right into your concern, it is challenging for any economics student to write an essay on climate change. From my personal experience, the best tip I have adapted so far that can help improve your writing skills is to read more and gain some knowledge.

When you initially hear “read more”, you probably think about those National Geographic magazines that are loaded full of concepts and theories you’ve never heard before; or those serious political issues in different countries that are so complex and confounding for you, it is not a matter of concern, that is certainly not what I mean here. I want to be more selective to encourage you, which is really normal and something that makes you interesting; in terms of topics (daily-life issues, environmental issues, healthy lifestyles) and analysis (compare, cause-consequences, suggestions). You can read daily magazines and education websites so that the writing style is natural and interesting yet provides general knowledge. Another good source of reference is the band 8 further essay which you can easily find on the internet. The subjects are more specialized and the educational level is much higher.

After you have a good resource of information, the next thing you can get from reading is ideas for IELTS subjects. You do not need to memorize that typical vocabulary or those exceptionally academic vocabularies, you should only keep that is ideas. As you read, you can draw a straightforward mind map so that you can easily go back later. For example, when I read about online-shopping, they talked about the advantages and disadvantages, the following examples and even their own encounters. My mind map looks like this:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online-shopping

Practicing will helps you to improve your summary skills and also get a lot of ideas to use for IELTS. Also, when you get accustomed to this habit, it becomes easier when the exam day comes, your thoughts get in your mind. Next, you only have to put them together nicely.

Consistency and cohesion are also one of the essential elements that make up a good essay. By reading you can learn how great authors compose their ideas, how they use different sentence structures, how they naturally join dialect and academic languages. You will also see how authors choose examples, reasons, consequences, and results to support their main thought. You can then highlight many times in your own essay the things you are interested in and use. “Practice Makes Perfect”.

In conclusion, reading is actually a good habit for IELTS candidates. First, select a good source of general ideas, make a simple map on your sheet as you read and finally focusing on the connection between them. Try to maintain this habit, even you have achieved IELTS because I believe that “the more you read, the better you write.

The following are the rundown of helpful websites which cover universal news in every aspect of life:

The Guardian is a British national newspaper covering the US, UK, international news, breaking news and various aspects such as Travel, Family, Sports, etc.

BBC News is a British free-to-air television news channel that provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives.

CNN is an American news-based pay television channel offering breaking news and the information on the top stories about business, weather, entertainment, politics, and more.

The Economist offers World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance.

This is an excellent site about technology, health, science, and the environment.

Covering environmental issues, culture, nature, and animals. Very illustrative with a lot of amazing pictures.

A Social News Daily website is an Internet website offers lots of short & easy to understand articles drawn from the world of social media.

History News Network is an American website to get updated about current affairs.

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful. If you have any questions regarding the IELTS writing test, please leave it in the comment section below.